Blog August 9, 2023

Closet organization: Ideas to bring order to your closet chaos

If you struggle with a messy closet, it can never hurt to have more closet organization ideas to try. While the amount of organization ideas can seem overwhelming, finding what works best for you will keep your space tidy and effective. For closet organization ideas to bring order to your closet chaos, it helps to have a system – and sometimes the simpler, the better.

Closet dividers

If you want your closet organization on par with a neat and tidy library, try using labeled closet dividers. There are multiple styles of dividers you can use to separate clothing by color, season or any other helpful category you choose.

Hanging partitions similar to the ones used in clothing stores are an efficient way to organize your hanging space. Simply attach to the rod or use individual hangers for a quick and simple reference whether you’re choosing an outfit or putting away clean clothes.

Flush mount lights

Of course, perfect organization doesn’t help you if your closet is too dark for you to find anything. Installing flush mount LED lighting inside your closet is a simple, space-saving way to illuminate the entire storage area.

Try smart lights with motion-detection to save energy. You can also install closet lights to turn on and off depending on whether the closet door is open or closed.

Shelves & drawers

If you have extra wall space in your closet, make the most of it. Add floating shelves, storage containers or modular drawer solutions to free up closet space. Unused wall space also provides an excellent opportunity for more storage solutions like magnetic strips, shoe organizers and tie racks.

To keep your closet shelves especially neat and tidy, consider installing curtains or sliding doors. Many custom shelving systems provide options for extra style along with your storage.

If you feel like your closet is a constant source of chaos, it might seem difficult to organize it in a way that works for your needs. However, keeping the basics in mind is a great way to start your closet organization journey.